Don’t Take Our Word For It

I got to tell you that my husband told me that he’s been sleeping better since I have been spraying the pillows with the sandalwood spray. Smells so good! We love all of your products.

Patricia F.

Hey, those candles are amazing oh my, "you can just sit them in the room and the aroma is exposed without a match" the spray...oh my...absolutely amazing...thank you for introducing me.

Tammie T.

These candles are awesome, the fragrances smell great, I really appreciate the soy candles, they do last a long time, each time they are lit the fragrance is still there.

                         Rita Lewis

FYI. A friend gave me a 3-wick candle from Bath and Body for Christmas. Pretty jar. I knew I wouldn't like that sootyness...however, I cooked fish the other night and the smell in my home was atrocious-for DAYS. Still not completely gone. So, I thought, ok, I'll light that candle in the bedroom with my other candles. I went upstairs, and I swear within minutes my eyes were watering, nose stopping up/ was awful!  I got a horrible headache!  NEVER AGAIN!
I HAVE NOT had that problem with Fireside Chat.

Sherry M.