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We Believe Everyone Deserves Medical Treatment.

In 2017, this belief lead us to partner with Mercy, a non-profit organization that provides miraculous surgeries for children in Africa.  An issue close to our hearts is the worldwide plight for poverty, clean drinking water, and healing,  specifically how it impacts children in third world countries.  Through this partnership, we donate a percentage of each sale to help save lives.  With your help, over 1 million lives will be saved. 

Our Donations Help:


  • Remove deadly facial tumors

  • Repair twisted limbs and club feet

  • Fix cleft lips and palates

  • Restore sight to the blind

  • And give new life to the world's forgotten poor



Mercy Ships transcends borders and is changing lives and we are so excited to be a part of such a mission.


The volunteers keep Mercy Ships moving ahead, from the Captain and the Chief Medical Officer to deckhands and administrative assistants. It takes an enormous number of dedicated people to keep a floating hospital ship like The Africa Mercy going strong.  They are selfless servants.


Fireside Chat is grateful for the opportunity to support and be a partner.  Every gift we make multiplies three times in impact to help provide care for more suffering people around the world.


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Committed to Quality

You'll Love Our Signature Candle For The Mercy Ship

The Vessel of Hope is the Signature Candle for The Mercy Ships organization. Every time this candle is purchased, a percentage of the sale goes to Mercy Ships.  What better fragrance than one drawn from a small tree native to India, infused with sandalwood oil and has been used medicinally for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Complex and sophisticated, our

Vessel of Hope fragrance has a woody top note mixed with a base of musk & earth tones and a complex bouquet of sweet rose, lily, fern, and marigold. 


What is The Mercy Ship? 
A Floating Hospital...


Many people in Africa have little or no access to healthcare. There are only 2.5 physicians per 10,000 people in Africa, compared to 25 physicians per 10,000 in the U.S.  So the "Africa Mercy"  brings volunteer medical teams and sterile operating rooms directly to people who would otherwise go without care.

It’s the world’s largest civilian hospital ship providing state-of-the-art care to those in desperate need—free of charge.

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You Can Be The Reason Why They Smile

When you light a candle, you help save a life.  When you select a fragrance, you create opportunity.  When you gift Fireside Chat Candles, you give hope.  Join our mission and be a small part of something great.

You can also support The Mercy Ship via the link below.


For your donation, you'll receive a membership to a nationwide discount network, with deals on restaurants, retail, entertainment, services, travel, Disney World Tickets, and more!